Lilya Chub, MD

Lilya Chub MD graduated from Kharkiv State Medical University in Ukraine and has over twenty years medical experience as a certified physician specialising in Internal Medicine and Neurology.

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Jeemol M Mani, DHA Registered Nurse, started her medical career in 2009 and earned her Bachelor Degree from Dr NTR University Of Health Science, Andhra Pradesh, India. Since then and for more than 10 years she is practicing nursing in areas such as Paediatrics, Geriatrics , Family Medicine & Neurology.

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Joseph Dib, MD

Dr Joseph Dib is the founder of Dib Biomedical clinic located in Beirut - Lebanon, the medical manager of Hayati Medical Therapeutic Nutrition Center in Saudi Arabia, and the Biomedical consultant for “Matritouch” in India.

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