Immunity Boost IV Therapy
Our Immune Boost IV will help you to boost your immunity, restore your normal recovery speed, protect your health from future infections with the help of vital nutrients, such as Vitamin D, Zinc, Ascorbic Acid, B12, B3, Folic acid and others

Detoxing & Antioxidant IV Therapy
Our Detox Protocol will help promotes better body detoxification with the help of Vital nutrients such as Ademetionine, Alpha Lipoic acid, Glutathione

Hair regeneration IV Therapy
Our hair regenerative protocol will help you restore it's shiny radiant look, boosting your hair strength with the help of the vitamins such as Biotin, Folic acid, B complex and other essential nutrients.

Liver Support IV Therapy
detoxify your liver itself with the help of essential nutrients, such as Ornithine, Ademetionine, Methionine, Lipoic acid and others.

Energy Boost and Fitness Hydrating Support
Our Energy IV boost will help you to restore your physical endurance, your strength, your activity, your good mood. The components of our Energy IV Boost are highly active molecules such as active form of Niacin, L carnitine, CoQ10, minerals and vitamins.

Gut Health IV Therapy
Our Gut Health IV treatment protocol will help to restore your gut motility, proper absorption, normalize your microbiome healthy community with the help of potent anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory supplements such as Curcumin and others.

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Lilya Chub MD graduated from Kharkiv State Medical University in Ukraine and has over twenty years medical experience as a certified physician specialising in Internal Medicine and Neurology.
She has practiced in United Arab Emirates for the last four years as a family physician with a strong professional focus on paediatrics and endocrinology.

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Wellness and Anti-Age IV

With our Anti-Age and Wellness protocol your dreams will become true! This protocol contains supplements which is proved to support a healthy metabolism and cellular energy production (such as NAD+) , contains potent anti-oxidants which prevent chromosome aberrations, restore normal production of the collagen.

Skin Glowing IV

Your skin looks dry and tired, dehydrated, pale? You started to develop age spots and feels like more wrinkles appeared? Come to our clinic and get your Skin Glowing IV drip with essential minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, polypeptides to feel your skin younger, well hydrated, elastic!

Diabetic Support IV

Our Diabetic Support IV protocol will help you to restore your normal glucose level, improve your insulin sensitivity level, will maintain your suppressed immunity caused by abnormal sugar fluctuation, will prevent dangerous diabetic complications due to highly active nutrients such as Lipoic acid or Tioctacid, B complex, Ascorbic acid, minerals and others.

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