Registered Nurse

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist she worked in India at Jupiter Multispeciality Hospital, in Medical Surgical Wards; in Saudi Arabia at King Fahad Multispeciality Hospital. 

For the last 2 years she worked in Integrative Health Care Center in Dubai , on a daily basis having dealing with patients suffering from Autoimmune Disorders, ADHD, ADD, ASDC disorders . She is well versed with such medical treatments and tools as Ozone Therapy, Intravenous Infusion Therapy, Neurofeedback. She gained her trust and appreciation from the patients through her uncompromising dedication to total quality, mercy, and professional approach. She is highly skilled in administering medications & IV Fluids especially in Pediatrics patients, in administering Ozone Therapy, in blood collection including peripheral lines. 

Her particular medical field of interest is Pediatrics, especially malnutrition and dysbiosis, different modes of IV treatment.

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