Clinical case: Woman, 46 years, complains on unexplainable low-grade fever for the last 3 weeks, constant acne-like skin rash, increased hair fall, chronically blocked nose, swollen eyelids on mornings, dry cough, bloated intestine, constipated, low energy, inability to lose weight despite calories restricted diet, mood swings, impaired sleep patterns.

Medical history: was working in Africa, has history of Covid-19 in spring 2021, chronic eczema previously (was treated successfully with steroids), anaphylactic reactions to penicillin. Grew up on a farm. Blood reports revealed high eosinophils, high Histamine in serum. Low Iron, Ferritin. 

Comprehensive Stool Analysis and Parasitology revealed high amounts of Blastocystis hominis, pathologic Klebsiella pneumonia excessive growth, fungal infection, low intestinal Secretory IgA.

The main symptoms we can see: the body entire allergisation, suppressed local intestinal immune defence, leaky gut signs- all caused by most likely chronically persistent chronic parasitic/protozoa (Blastocystis hominis) infection, pathogenic intestinal bacteria (Klebsiella pneumonia), and fungal infection (Geotrichumspp) .

After the course of anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal remedies, detox support, pre- and probiotics proper supplementation, all the symptoms disappeared: acne fully eliminated, stool became regular 2-3 times per day, hair fall completely stopped, nasal breathing fully restored, dry cough disappeared.

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