Have you ever been bloatedHaving diarrhea or constipation? Do you have stool regularly once/ twice daily? Or you think your colon works fine if you have stool twice per week? Are you unable to lose weight or vice versa to gain weight? You’ve had multiple times gastroenterologists’ consultations, did colonoscopy, Abdominal CT scans, Abdominal Ultrasounds and nothing was found? You eat healthy food, drink enough water, but something is still going wrong. Numerous existing stool tests say you have poor microbiome diversity, or you have pathogenic bacteria intestinal overgrowth, you’re prescribed antibiotics, probiotics, multiple supplements. Nothing works, or only works as long as you take prescribed medications or becomes even worse. You hear about Leaky Gut, SIBO – small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, candida in your intestine. But how to deal with all this information? Here are a few hints for you to help sorting out your intestinal malaise: 

  • Food intolerance test: even on this step, eradicating foods, which causes your gut lining inflammation from your diet, can help to eradicate 80% of your symptoms
  • Stool biochemistry: you might have choleretic diarrhea, or low pancreatic elastase, which will indicate on functional pancreatic/bile insufficiency/overproduction.
  • Secretory Intestinal IgA and Lactoferrin will reflect how inflamed your intestinal lining, and if your intestinal immune defence is competent.
  • Comprehensive Stool Bacteriology / PCR and Parasitology: you will know for sure, ‘who, how and in what amounts’ bacteria reside in your GI system.
  • All these tests not just available in HHH, but also, we know for sure how to help you.
  • Unique protocols, which include antibacterial (specific sensitive bacteriophages and/or antibacterial medications), Immunotropics (Streptotococcal/Staphylococcal  serum, Combined Immunoglobulin Complexes etc), anti-fungal supplements and medications, biofilm breakers and enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, which will work exactly for you, and many other advanced treatment options.
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