RDN. Raya Abu Younis

Coffee beans are very healthy and have a high level of fiber and are good sources of antioxidants which makes drinking moderate amounts (2-3 cups / day) good for your health!

Studies have also shown that drinking moderate amounts of coffee helps protect against developing type 2 diabetes and certain inflammatory diseases such as Parkinson’s. But recently, we no longer drink coffee as we’re supposed to; we tend to add certain things that increase its caloric content and thus results in coffee causing weight gain.

Newly acquired habits when drinking coffee include:

Adding sugar / syrup / whipped cream / double cream / vanilla or hazelnut flavorings / drinking instant coffee which has a high amount of sodium (which results in water retention and could result in weight gain). 

Our doctor's advice is for you not to exceed 2 cups of coffee a day, and if you like it with milk, opt for low fat / skimmed or plant-based options. If you like it sweet, add a teaspoon of raw honey and don’t add flavors or sugar.

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