Lina Kamash

Lina Kamash

“As a mom of a child with special needs, I know exactly what my clients are going through every single day.” Lina is a CranioSacral Therapist certified by Upledger Institute International (USA).

Lina is a CranioSacral Therapist certified by Upledger Institute International (USA). 

In her practice she is helping adults and children overcome chronic health conditions, pain, injury, anxiety, stress, and developmental challenges. 

One of her two sons was diagnosed with Autism, and it was a life changing turning point both for her life and her career. 

She got trained in the core therapies for autism :

* Occupational Therapy

* Sensory Integration Therapy

* D.I.R. Floortime) 

* Holistic treatments such as CranioSacral Therapy (CST).  

Lina believes “alternative” approaches contribute to physical and mental health and well-being in their own right, assisting traditional medicine. 

CST is a gentle form of manual therapy based on the osteopathic philosophy that uses light-touch to relieve pain and balance the nervous system for optimum health and vitality.  

It is suitable for anyone, newborn babies to the elderly, addressing such conditions as:

* Dyslexia / Autism / Hyperactivity / Asthma / Birth trauma

* Stress / Anxiety / Depression / Chronic fatigue syndrome / Emotional issues / Insomnia

* Digestive problems / Hormonal disorders / Hearing problems

* Babies and mothers to overcome traumatic birth, sleep and feeding disorders to name a few

As a therapist focused primarily on addressing autism issues, Lina is particularly interested and working with:

* aid in detoxification 

* improving self-regulation and co-regulation

* improving  sleep and digestion 

* somatosensory body awareness

* improving energy flow and circulation

* improving function of the vagus nerve and related cranial nerves

* balancing the autonomic nervous system and limbic system 

The results her clients achieve are a true inspiration and a great motivation for her to keep up the practice and to use the integrative mind, brain, body, spirit approach to healing and wellness.